Tarmac steps up to renovate and improve access at local Mountsorrel memorial

May 13, 2024

The team at Tarmac’s Mountsorrel Quarry have supported the refurbishment of a local war memorial and the steps up to it. 

A donation of £13,648 from the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund also supported Mountsorrel Parish Council to complete maintenance and renovation works on the Castle Hill Memorial. Works were also completed on the nearby beacon. The works were completed in advance of the war memorial’s 100th anniversary and the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

In early Spring this year, a team from A & V Squires Plant Company LTD. and Tarmac also helped to improve access up to the memorial. 

Tarmac provided new wooden step supports to replace older ones which had rotted, and also donated new stone to make the steps more accessible. A & V Squires Plant Company LTD. supported the team from Tarmac in carrying out the work. 

The Mountsorrel Castle Hill War Memorial was unveiled almost 100 years ago in 1926 to commemorate those who lost their lives in the first world war, including a number of men who worked at the quarry.*  

With the monument itself constructed of Mountsorrel Quarry’s distinctive pink granite, completing improvement works to the memorial, and access up the hill to it, was a cause that the team from Tarmac were proud to support. 

Joshua Mason, senior operations manager at Tarmac, said: “We were really glad that we could support the local community by supporting the maintenance of the war memorial and improving the step access up to Castle Hill. We’re also very grateful for the help from colleagues at A & V Squires Plant Company LTD. 

“We hope that these improvements to the step access will enable even more people to pay their respects at the memorial.” 

A spokesperson for Mountsorrel Parish Council said: “The Parish Council would like to express its thanks to Tarmac and the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund for the repairs to the War Memorial and the path and steps from Watling Street.  


“The donation and work from Tarmac and a contribution from the Parish Council has made the huge improvements possible in preparation for its 100th Anniversary in 2026.” 

The Landfill Communities Fund was established by the Government in 1996. It enables landfill operators to donate part of their annual tax liability to enrolled Environmental Bodies for a variety of approved community and environmental projects. Through the fund, Tarmac donates around £1 million to projects each year. For more information, visit www.entrust.org.uk or email [email protected]

*Tyman, L. (2019) The Effect of the War on Mountsorrel Quarry. Available at: http://mountsorrelarchive.org/category/military/