Tarmac looks back on a year of progress with 2022 sustainability report

July 11, 2023

Building materials and construction solutions provider Tarmac has published its annual sustainability report for 2022. The report records the progress made against the ambitions set out in Tarmac’s Act sustainability strategy in 2021 and its three central themes of People, Planet, and Solutions.  

Emma Hines, sustainability director at Tarmac, said: “It’s vital that Tarmac continues to operate and grow in a sustainable and responsible way. This becomes increasingly important with the climate emergency and wider societal challenges. 

“In 2022, I’m proud to report that we made further progress towards our sustainability goals. These include leading the sector in the switch to warm mix asphalt, providing support to local communities around our sites, and also participating in some major workplace and careers initiatives. 

“While we are making significant progress, we have set bold environmental, social and economic ambitions, which we’re committed to delivering.” 

The robust commitments and targets set out in Tarmac’s report were developed in collaboration with an external panel, which independently advises the company on its approach to sustainability. 

The successes highlighted in this year’s report include the following: 

  • In July 2022, Tarmac led the UK sector in making warm mix asphalt the default for base, binder and surface courses, reducing CO emissions by up to 15% 
  • In 2022, Tarmac achieved a 35% reduction per tonne of product in CO emissions against a 1990 baseline, and work started on the company’s roadmap to net zero, which was published in May 2023 
  • A lime kiln at Tunstead was used in the world’s first net zero hydrogen trial 
  • 19,951 trees were planted at Tarmac-owned land in 2022, including over 17,000 as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative 
  • Tarmac was once again a net user of waste, reusing more than it produced, with over seven million tonnes of waste and secondary materials from other sectors used as raw materials or fuels 
  • Tarmac employees recorded over 4,450 volunteer hours in 2022 
  • The company received two separate awards recognising its achievements in providing both early careers opportunities and an inclusive and supportive workplace – the Gold award by the 5% Club and Gold Clear Assured Status 
  • Tarmac’s National Skills and Safety Park successfully completed its first Ofsted inspection, passing all three assessment areas. Over 2,200 employees trained at the centre in 2022, including new starters completing operational inductions 
  • In 2022, Tarmac welcomed 126 new apprentices and graduates across the UK as part of its early careers programme – this was the company’s largest ever cohort. 

You can read Tarmac’s 2022 sustainability report and find out more about its sustainability goals here: https://sustainability-report.tarmac.com/ 

You can find the company’s recently-published roadmap to net zero at: https://www.tarmac.com/net-zero-roadmap/