Mountsorrel Quarry

We are committed to restoring the land in and around the quarry to create new spaces that can be enjoyed by the local community.

We work closely with Leicestershire County Council, Natural England and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to review our progress each year.

The quarry has been identified as a potential future storage facility for public water supply. We have made provisions for tree planting around the perimeter of the quarry, and to install a network of public access routes through these areas for local people to enjoy the landscape.

Our successful restoration projects to date include:

Broad Hill

First quarried some 200 years ago, Broad Hill has been restored using by-product from a previous extension of the quarry. Areas of grass heathland have been nurtured and we recently opened a public footpath across the site, which has become extremely popular with local walkers and visitors to the community.

Buddon Wood

A mixed birch and oak woodland, Buddon Wood was designated as a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in 1954. Working closely with Natural England, we have developed a comprehensive management plan to balance our need for stone extraction with retaining the surrounding woodland.

We have successfully enhanced the condition of the woodland by removing non-native species – such as sycamore and rhododendron – and controlling bramble and bracken growth. Our management strategy will be in place for the full lifetime of the quarry.