Mountsorrel Quarry

Mountsorrel Quarry is a granite quarry, locally and nationally renowned for its distinctive pink rock, which is in high demand for some of the country’s biggest construction projects.

Located at the heart of the UK near Loughborough in Leicestershire, the quarry is ideally positioned to send large volumes of stone for construction projects that help to keep the UK thriving.

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Where is Mountsorrel Quarry?

Our History

Granite quarrying has been at the heart of communities in Charnwood for at least 250 years and has been carried out in many different ways since Roman times. The first known site in Mountsorrel was located at the present-day Castle Hill area in the village.

Quorn house

In 2015 we purchased Quorn House and the surrounding 120 acres of parkland, which sits adjacent to the north of the quarry. We have since established an office in the building, which houses around 35 Tarmac employees.

Meet the team

Our local team is passionate about the work we do.

We are proud to lead a locally-driven business that is well-respected and active in the communities we serve.

Leading each operation is a highly experienced and dedicated management team, many of whom have spent much of their careers at the quarry.


Facts and Figures

We employ over 100 members of staff in a variety of roles, including on-the-ground operational jobs and office-based jobs. From excavating and processing the rock blasted from the quarry to managing our commercial relationships with suppliers, there is a wealth of opportunity available across the business.Many members of our team have a personal connection with Mountsorrel Quarry by following decades of family tradition to pursue a career in quarrying. Today, we are pleased to have different generations of family members working together and some who can trace their family connections back through three or four generations.

About Tarmac

Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business.

With 150 years of experience and heritage to our name, we're a national network of local businesses, combining the knowledge and expertise of two of the construction industry's most iconic brands: Tarmac, pioneers and inventors of the modern road, and Blue Circle, the company that patented Portland Cement.

We employ around 7,000 people across a network of more than 400 sites across the UK

Tarmac is part of CRH, the world's leading building materials business

Health and safety

Our ambition is to realise continuous improvement for all our employees and contractors


This approach to improving safety extends across our supply chain and to every aspect of our business - from the way we manage sites and the way train and equip our employees and contractors - to the safety features we install in our vehicles to protect road users.

We're proud to work with experts in the field of Health and Safety, such as the British Safety Council and The Health and Safety Executive and are also one of the founding partners of a mental health programme for people working in the construction sector called Mates in Mind.

We also have a brand new National Skills and Safety Park - 'The Park' - that is home to operational onboarding, professional operational training, assessments and health and safety learning, demonstrating our commitment to building the right safety culture as well as creating an enhanced experience for employees.

Strategic significance

Located in the East Midlands, Mountsorrel Quarry supplies the construction industry with large volumes of essential materials, which are used for construction projects across the region and throughout the UK

Our rail distribution network is the largest in Leicestershire, which means we can transport our rock efficiently and sustainably. Crucially, we are able to send materials to construction projects based in the busy southern regions of England that have no hard rock reserves of their own.

Our rail distribution network is the largest in Leicestershire, which allows us to transport our rock efficiently and sustainably.

Crucially we are able to send materials to construction projects based in the busy southern regions of England, which have no hard rock reserves of their own.

The rest of the materials we transport from the quarry are delivered by road to serve local demand. In 1990 we built Granite Way – a dedicated road that enables traffic from the quarry to get onto the major highway network without passing through the villages.

We have contributed to some of the biggest construction projects throughout the UK. Read more about the impact of our work in the ‘Landmark projects’ section below.

Landmark projects

At Mountsorrel, we produce and supply our distinctive pink granite for building major infrastructure projects in the East Midlands region and throughout the UK.

Local projects

Locally, our stone has been used in the asphalt used to carry out essential highways upgrades, including the construction and resurfacing of the A46 trunk road, the widening of the A453 from the M1 into Nottingham. It has also been used for the extension of the Nottingham tramway.

The distinctive appearance of our pink granite continues to be used in repairing existing buildings in the local villages that surround the quarry to maintain the region’s recognisable architecture.

A national supplier

Nationally, we have contributed to large-scale construction projects in the transport sector.

Our granite was used in the original construction of the M25 and has since been relied upon for runway resurfacing and widening projects, including major schemes at Heathrow and Luton.

We are also a long-term supplier to Network Rail, sending them rail ballast to help maintain around 20,000 miles of railway track across England, Wales and Scotland.

Rail ballast is the stone you can see in between and underneath the railway tracks that helps to keep the steel rails in place as trains pass over them. The ballast is made using the rock we extract from the quarry, which is crushed and sized to the required measurements. We then transport the stone from our railhead at Barrow-upon-Soar to Network Rail depots up and down the country.

Our supply of rail ballast equates to around 70 per cent of Network Rail’s total demand.

Read more about the geology of our stone here.