The future

Mountsorrel Quarry

Our resource of pink granite continues to be in high demand from businesses in the construction industry.

Our strategic position at the centre of the UK means we can supply projects up and down the country with ease. Using our rail freight depot at Barrow-upon-Soar, we are able to transport stone sustainably and efficiently by rail, minimising the use of the highways network.

Crucially, we are able to supply materials to major projects in London and the southern regions which have no hard rock reserves of their own.

To continue providing a consistent, high-quality supply of products to some of the most critical infrastructure in the UK, we need to secure the future of the quarry, which can only be done by expanding it in the coming years.

In August 2023, we submitted a planning application for a northern and south-eastern extension to Mountsorrel Quarry. The application has been validated by Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and they have now concluded their statutory consultation on the proposals.

We are now waiting for what is known as a Reg 25. This is where a planning authority requests applicants to submit additional information required for a planning determination. Once we have received this, we will work to provide what’s needed. After this, the application will go out for further consultation.

You can find the application documents by visiting LCC’s Planning Register. The application case reference number is 2023/EIA/0096/LCC. If you require a paper copy of the planning application, please contact the Leicestershire County Council.

In mid-September, we held three information sessions to give residents the opportunity to view our final proposals and ask questions of the Tarmac project team. The information boards and maps which were shared at these events are available to view and download below. These provide an accessible summary of the planning application we have submitted.

The materials we presented at these events are available to download here.

A higher resolution map of the final proposals is available to download here.

A higher resolution map of the Northern extension working scheme – end of stage one is available to download here.

A higher resolution map of the Southeastern extension working scheme – Wood Lane Diversion Plan is available to download here.

A higher resolution map of the final restoration scheme is available to download here.

Paper copies of the materials can be sent to your home address upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact our team via [email protected] or on 07483 920301.