MP Jane Hunt visits Mountsorrel Quarry

March 2, 2020

Tarmac is proud to have welcomed new Loughborough MP Jane Hunt to its Mountsorrel Quarry (Friday 28th February).  

Jane, who was elected to Parliament in December 2019, has replaced long serving local MP Nicky Morgan.

Jane and her family have lived in Quorn since 1995 and has spent the last 9 years as Nicky (now Lady) Morgan’s case worker. She has also been a Borough Councillor in two local wards, Quorn and Mountsorrel.

As one of Mountsorrel’s largest and most significant employers, Jane put a trip to Mountsorrel Quarry high on her list of local site visits.

Jane said: “It was absolutely fascinating to take a tour of one of the best known local employers in this part of the county. Watching huge slabs of pink granite being turned in to different sizes of building materials – including rail ballast – was a real eye opener. I didn’t realise just how many people are based at the quarry – or the extent of the significant contribution the site makes to the local economy.”

Mountsorrel Director Alastair Meyers and Lisa Pickford, Tarmac’s Strategic Planning and Performance Manager, escorted Jane and her team around the site.

Alastair said: “While we directly employ 150 people at the quarry – many of whom live within a five mile radius of the site – a further 230 jobs are directly dependent on the quarry.

“I am extremely proud of all our team here – who are passionate not just about their work – but also about their contribution to the local economy, national strategic objectives and local community projects.”

Lisa added: “We were delighted to welcome Jane to Mountsorrel Quarry, recognisably the largest granite quarry in the UK. We are very proud of our site and our teams, who make a significant contribution towards sustainability by moving volumes of vitally needed aggregate off the road and on to the railway tracks.”