Tarmac supports Quorn in Bloom

January 27, 2021

Tarmac has donated two bulk bags of 10-millimetre granite to Quorn in Bloom to extend their scree area at Church View Garden, Leicestershire. Quorn in Bloom is made up of several volunteers who support the wellbeing of the community, as well as protect and encourage new species of local wildlife.

The scree area is a section of the garden where the soil has been replaced with granite, creating an area ideal for plants that would not usually grow in a traditional flower bed.

Trevor Warren, Works Manager at Tarmac said: “We’re pleased to have been able to support Quorn in Bloom and the local community who take advantage of the picturesque Church View Garden. The garden is used frequently by members of the community and is extremely well looked after by the volunteers who make up Quorn in Bloom, no matter the season.

“Supporting the communities in which we operate and carefully managing biodiversity is a key part of what we do here at Tarmac, and we hope to see the garden attract further visitors in the coming months.”

Despite the East Midlands in Bloom Competition being cancelled due to COVID-19 – a competition to encourage the improvement of local surroundings – the garden has still been well maintained. Locals from the village have visited the grounds to picnic and meet with others in an outdoor space.

Jane Hollingworth a volunteer from Quorn in Bloom said: “A massive thank you to Tarmac for gifting us extra granite chippings to extend our scree area at Church View Garden, we are delighted with the result. The scree is important as it suppresses weeds and helps retain moisture making it ideal for sun-loving plants such as lavenders, wild marjoram, and thymes. The plants also encourage pollinators and therefore aid biodiversity which is great.

“The garden is in the centre of our village and has been much appreciated by people living in the surrounding areas during lockdown. We have added a picnic table to the area so the villagers can enjoy picnics and drinks with friends, guidelines permitting of course.”