Tarmac donates gravel to fill in potholes to smooth way for Mountsorrel soccer families

May 20, 2022

Tarmac’s Mountsorrel Quarry has helped a local football club shore up its defences against vehicle damage by donating material to fill in potholes in its car park.

In a bid to revive a dilapidated car park at Mountsorrel Juniors Football Club, the business donated a much-needed five tonnes of gravel.

Mark Forknall, treasurer and club secretary at Mountsorrel Juniors FC, said: “The Halstead Road car park was becoming a bit treacherous due to the potholes, so we are extremely grateful to Tarmac for donating the gravel to fill them in.

“We really are an all-inclusive club with more than 350 young players from four-year-olds right up to under 18s, including girls’ football and 50 or so volunteer coaches.

“The car park is often oversubscribed which is a mark of the success of the club but it is essential to provide space for players’ families and supporters.”

Rob Lees, area operations manager at Mountsorrel Quarry, said: “Mountsorrel Juniors FC is as much a fabric of the local community as Tarmac, and we are keen to support them where we can.”